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D3 NRG R1 Slalom Ski 2021

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Slalom Ski Size

A completely new and different direction in design and performance, the NRG breaks new D3 ground in slalom ski design. Skier styles can vary greatly. It is important to find the ski that works best with your specific technique. The new NRG offers skiers who prefer to use the middle-to-back of the ski. The NRG is effortless to turn, develops a powerful cross course feel and is extremely stable.  


Not an ARC, not a Quest, not a Helix, not a Fusion, not a Z7 and not like anything D3SKIS has ever produced. The NRG generates its power from a revolutionary new D3 slalom design philosophy. Especially effective for skiers who like to work the middle to back of their ski. Wider in the fore-body and narrower in the tail, the NRG is a shortline skier’s dream and the competitions worst nightmare. It is important to note that the NRG was not designed to replace the ARC but as a complimentary performance alternative. The ARC and ARC-S will still be in-line 2018 products. 


The NRG features 


• A completely new rocker profile. Creating a natural turning radius that builds maximum angle and space. 


• An all new, high volume, edge to edge concave. This deep tunnel delivers holding power to spare.


• The world famous D3 bevel assembly stays in place to keep this all new ride familiar and stable.


• A firm flex pattern that is designed to flex from tip to tail in smooth proportion. This creates speed in and out of the turn and a consistent, predictable turning radius.


• The water tension the NRG creates is a unique by-product of the new tunnel design. The skier feels “connected” to the ski allowing the skier to easily stay centered in the middle of the ski and in complete control at the shortest line lengths.



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