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Aquatone Wave Sup 10ft available now

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Design And Performance Highlights For The Wave Collection?
The most noticeable technology applied on the entry level Wave collection is the optimized Stringer Tech. With a 13cm wide center stringer all the way double taped, it enhances the board stiffness significantly compared to traditional single layer SUPs. The other highlight is the 6"/15cm thickness on all Aquatone boards. This gives users an extremely stable ride, especially if you are new to the sport.

The Wave collection offers a wider board shape. The 32" width provides stability while still maintains a good design to glide

Who Is It Best Suited For?
The 10'0" is best suited for:
- Beginner to intermediate rider
- Leisure paddler
- Short to average height
- Lighter to average weight

Overall, the Wave SUPs remain to be the best option for leisure paddle. They're user-friendly, versatile, and is a SUP which keeps on giving.

Tips For Using The Wave SUP?
The Wave is best for calm water, or near-shore water. The front rocker is purposely made to 27cm to cope when it gets choppier and can even handle smalls waves.

Kayak Option?
The Wave comes with Two extra D-rings on the deck allows you to switch between a SUP and a sit-on-top board.

Structure Stiffness:
Stringer Tech: Thanks to the 13cm wide centre stringer construction from top to the bottom and both sides of the board, makes the Wave models solid even in the windy and choppy UK waters.

Popular Shape:
Built with the most popular SUP shape, extra wide and generous thickness, the Wave SUPs are so easy to glide and very forgiving, appealing to all-level riders across the ability spectrum.


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