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Radar Pro Build Vapor Slalom Ski 2017

WHAT YOU’LL FEEL: The new Pro Build Construction was modeled to offer you what the pros have known for more than a year. It’s knowing that there’s something better out there than PVC. Countless titles have been won under cloak during the development of this newest construction. Combine our new core with structural Textreme Carbon and dampening Innegra and you’ll find nothing more technically advanced anywhere. Welcome to the future.

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PRO BUILD PMI CORE Our newest construction moves what we know about ski building into the next realm. PMI is the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam. Its current application is aircraft construction based on its ability to easily shape and thermoform. In our application, PMI is lighter, more rigid (simplifying the layup) and more reactive. The latter benefit offers more feel and forgiveness, which is something PVC lacks as a core material. PMI also displayed minimal structural fatigue after longevity cycle testing compared to PVC, which eventually broke down. There is a noticeable difference between other lightweight core skis and our new ProBuild.

KEY FEATURES: • 100% Carbon laminates • PMI core • Textreme-Spread tow carbon laminates • Hand crafted at Radar Lake • Innegra-Reduced vibration • Pro Comp Adjustable fin


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